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We make decor products that transform living spaces.

For over a decade, we have been committed to transforming the decorative laminate industry. We incorporate unique craftsmanship, groundbreaking innovations, creative ideas and technological advancements to ensure seamless production of high-quality furnishing products.

From raw materials to finished products, we have everything under one roof to meet the ever-more demanding manufacturing needs. We have a long-standing relationship with architects, interior designers, distributors, consumers and professionals in India and overseas who exclusively and extensively use Shilpwood products for their interior projects.


Product : Plain & Pre Laminated Wood Based Particle Board

Size : 9ft X 6ft, 8ft X 6ft, 6ft X 4ft, 6ft X 3ft

Thinkness : 9mm, 11mm, 15mm, 17mm, 25mm

Finish : Suede, Matte & Glossy

Standard Design & textures

Product Consistency

Termite, Borer, Fungus Resistant

Best International Technology

Standard Design & textures

Easy To Clean

Scretch Resistant

Fade Resistant Lamination

Defect Free

Eco Friendly

Guaranteed Thickness

Best Dimensional Stability

Raw Boards
Laminated Boards

Built with Shilpwood

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Why Choose Us

Customer Focused Approach

High-Grade German Technology

Fastest Delivery Time in the Industry

Borer and Termite Resistant Products

Over 30 Years of Experience

Exclusive Surface Finishes

Eco-Friendly Products

International Quality Standards

Ideal for


We are quite happy and satisfied with the quality of Shilpwood boards. We buy prelaminated panels from Shilpwood that are great in terms of quality, scratch resistibility and density as compared to other brands. There is no chipping while using their boards. Apart from prelaminated particle boards, we also use their acrylic boards laminated on Birch plywood. The service and delivery time is also pretty good compared to other brands.

Tempus furniture


We exact very high standards for all our input raw materials. We can whole-heartedly say that Shilpwood has always met our expectations. Shilpwood has exceeded our expectations in terms of service and timelines. They have always been open to product development whenever we have requested for it. We unequivocally recommend Shilpwood as they are one of the best manufacturers in India.

Anand Quadros


We have been associated with Shilpwood for a decade now. When it comes to high-quality material & panels, they have an extensive range of products suitable for diverse interior applications. They have successfully mastered the art of getting European Surfaces and engineering them into panels ideal for the Indian Market. They have a prominent edge over other Indian panel producers because of their wide range of superior quality surfaces and faster delivery time. Shilpwood means quality and innovation.

Rakesh Khokhani


We are associated withShilpwood for the last 6years. We really have a good experience working with Shilpwood. Delivery timeline and quality is really as per customer requirement. We are happy that we have a supplier like Shilpwood who support us in all possible delivery ways.

Jayesh Chawla

Kashish Panel Works

A reliable partner who believes in innovation and is consistent in delivering quality products with great flexibility and services to match, Glad to be associated with Shilpwood & its team.

Bharat Kawedia


It is a pleasure to be associated with Shilpwood. Their team is understanding and accommodating of requests. They add value to our business with their inventive ideas and innovations. We hope to have a lasting relationship with Shilpwood.

Bidyut Kumar Pal

Senior Manager, Indoline Industries


ISO 9001:2015

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